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MontanaGrow Silicon Amendment works as an adjuvant with fertilizers, boosting their energy efficiency, Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers (EEF) save agriculture producers money, energize the ecosystem and help protect the environment. MontanaGrow benefits agriculture upstream, is good for communities downstream and helps keep the fisheries healthy - naturally.



Increased bio-mass in LSU study


Take a closer look at Silicon

This magnified image of the Ignimbrite mineral used in MontanaGrow demonstrates its sponge like porosity, non-crystalline form and it's unique cation characteristics.

MontanaGrow Silicon Amendment is derived from a high-energy deposit of amorphous (non-crystallized) volcanic tuff formed from a geologic event that occurred roughly 30 million years ago.  

Amorphous Silicon

MontanaGrow Silicon Amendment contains 76% plant available silicon with no additives or chemicals involved in processing. 

MontanaGrow Silicon Amendment builds strong roots, stems and foliage while providing resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.  Benefits are healthy plants, gardens, crops, orchards, and vineyards resulting in a higher yield and longer shelf life.

MontanaGrow Natural Fertilizer can be used for a variety of growing situations and applied many ways.  Below are links to these benefits, applications, and more.

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