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Silicon Facts for Landscape/Grasses: Silicic Acid from Silicon Amendments. The effects of bioactive silicon (BAS) on plant growth and development in turfgrass is well documented in Edward Bent's book titled "Silicon Solutions".  Read More            

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Turfgrass Research


For more than half a century the turfgrass industry has been using bio-active silicon to strengthen and improve the appearance of turfgrass, increase drought resistance and reduce abiotic and biotic stresses.

MontanaGrow helps lower the costs of watering (water, labor & electricity), greatly improves cellular structure and essential nutrient uptake from roots to shoots, reduces the impacts of stress factors which improves the economics for turfgrass managers. MontanaGrow contains 76% amorphous silicon making it a great natural alternative to improve turfgrasses.


Courses & Municipalities

Creeping Bent Grass 


Bermuda Grass             

Seashore Paspalum    

Kentucky Blue Grass  

Zoysia Grass             

Increased root length and fresh weight of roots and leaves. More chlorophyll, improved tolerance to water stress, greater root mass and more photosynthetic activity at low soil moisture.  Improved tolerance to high temperature stress.  Better natural resistance to Dollar Spot disease.

Increased resistance to leaf spot.

Reduced wear and tear of turf.

Increased resistance to leaf spot and powdery mildew.

Increased root length and fresh weight of roots and leaves. Improved   tolerance to high temperature stress.

Seeding Grass:  4-6 lbs per 1,000 sq. ft with seeding
Recommended:  10 to 15 lbs /1000 sq. ft. to be applied with your regular fertilizer application in spring and fall (blended or applied separately).  Problem areas can be re-treated at 5-10 lbs/1000 sq. ft., every month until turf responds.

BIOTIC STRESSES (disease and pests)  

MontanaGrow strengthens cell walls, which slows the spread of biotic stresses. Silicon helps Turfgrass defense responses, resulting in improved resistance to insects and increased disease suppression.  A great pesticide-fungicide alternative for golf course superintendents that improves the environment.

Biotic Stresses

ABIOTIC STRESSES (drought, heat, cold, UV, and injury)


Turfgrass is constantly exposed to seasonal changes and combinations of environmental factors (abiotic) stresses.  MontanaGrow offers improved plant structural integrity and increased photosynthetic activity while promoting balanced nutrient availability and transport.

Abiotic Stresses


MontanaGrow is highly absorbent so turfgrasses need less water which  saves operators money.  MontanaGrow plant available organic silicon is polymerized as a gel on the surface of grasses acting as a shield against abiotic stresses. This function also slows transpiration, which in turn decreases salt toxicity. 

Conserve Water

Silicon Solutions

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