Grow More Using Less

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  • Improves yield and quality
  • Builds strong roots, stems & foliage
  • Enhances drought & salt resistance
  • Alleviates abiotic & biotic stresses
  • Ready to Use Organic Silicon

The Increasing costs of water, labor and electricity have become a growing concern for turfgrass managers.

MontanaGrow is highly absorbent giving turfgass managers a new, safe and natural tool to lower turfgrass water requirements, while still gaining the strength and durability required. 

Home & Garden


Those with a green thumb should know that houseplant potting soil mixes rarely contain silicon.

MontanaGrow Organic Silicon is a safe amorphous silicon supplement for potting soil and gardens. Help your houseplants and vegetables reach their full potential  benefits with silicon.

Horticulture has long overlooked the important role silicon plays in growing mediums.

Soilless growing mediums are only as good as the silicon in the soil. MontanaGrow contains 76% amorphous silicon making it a great natural alternative to improve yield and quality.


Using fertilizers on an organic farm is not an option. Using MontanaGrow Organic Silicon Amendment is.

Organic farmers of food and textile crops now have an OMRI Listed option to naturally increase yields through better functioning soils and improve the quality of your products. 


Chemical fertilizers commonly used by production agriculture to boost yields rarely contain silicon.

Recent science shows amorphous silicon like MontanaGrow increases biomass, improves nutrient uptake, enhances drought resistance and boosts the effectiveness of nutrient applications. 

Organic Farming

MontanaGrow has a simple mission: to provide the highest quality plant available silicon products to the Organic Farming, Agriculture, Horticulture, Turfgrass, and Home & Garden industries.

Learn more about MontanaGrow Organic Silicon and how it's many benefits can help your plants reach their full potential of growth, quality and drought resistance.